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a penny for your thoughts..a million dollars for mine...XP

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I write...

People are awed to see young writers, regularly telling them that what they do is amazing and saying how hard it must have been. Hard? What could be hard in writing something? Sometimes people think that being able to write a story or to write anything at all is very tedious because of all the construction of events, delivery of the events, grammar, spelling and for fictions, creation of bent reality. But you see writing should be spontaneous and should not be forced, so it shouldn’t be hard at all. Writing is hard only when you force the ideas out of your head, letting the ideas flow would result to a great written piece, and creation of these masterpieces are made through the help of inspirations. Inspirations come from one’s hopes and dreams, therefore a pen and paper is worthless to a person who does not know how to hope. Words are meaningless when one does not know how to use them to create an image of their dreams. Every written composition is a piece of the writer’s being, therefore one must not write just for the heck of it, but rather for the love of it. Now this I tell you and this is the truth, I write not just because I think, I write because I dream.

~ Riwa ^^

hi! this is Iwa here..I used to go by the name Riwa but now I dropped the 'R'...haha..but I'm the same person who resides in aninosadilim and ochibi_richuu ..:D

this is my creative writing journal..i know it's useless and weird but i just wanted a different account for my poems, essays, stories and stuff..ahahaha..and angel_zeruel is my pen name..okies? ^^,


poems will be friends only..because most of them are personal and only people who knows me uh..personally could understand what they mean or why i wrote them..so if i know you personally then i'd be happy to add you anytime...ah heck even if i don't know you personally but you're really interested with my works then add me up..just leave a comment and err..yeah..i'll add you back..;D

i also write fanfics and i'll be posting them here too! ^^, but i have an account in fanfiction.net..my pen name is: souna no hime..check it out and give me some love over there as well..:D

short stories and essays will be for everyone!

oh and everything will be kept under an lj-cut..so it won't take up too much space in your journals..:p

so there..hope you enjoy the things you read in my creative writing journal..^^

do not use/take any of these without my permission..
comment when you're taking anything..
comment if you're going to post it anywhere..
and give me credit when you do..
that's all i ask of you..
so i wish you'd do it too..

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Naruto is sandy love. ♥~

quotes from angel_zeruel's insane mind

"No fair! You're running my life for me! Why can't I make my own decisions? I'm already sixteen, for crying out loud!"

"Ngo. Am fayng ngek you."

"We've got case gamma in section 2b west of Atlantis, need for immediate backup, right away!"

"Who are these people you want me to meet? Crazy scientists that would want to cut me in half?!"

"She's Aya, the only human being that can do that to Jedd and live to tell the tale."

"Shut up or die."

"Oh that was today? I thought it wasn't until the next millennium."

"With an attitude like that, that guy's gonna die early."

"Go ask your captain...not me."

"I don't eat ramen...I hate ramen...too much sodium is bad for you dobe."

"You killed all Akatsuki memebers just so you can have Konoha's Ramen??"

"Let's see..kukukuru i see you!"

"Because this is a guy thing."

"Let the old perverted frog-hermit freak die waiting for you."

"Guy thing my ass..."

"Too much sodium is bad for you Usuratonkachi..."

"Nothing??!! You kissed me and that's nothing??!! Are you gay or something?!"

"I'm not gay...I am soooo NOT gay...damn he's so cute when he's mad."

'god, how could he be so warm despite the cold pouring rain??'

"Hello?! standing here!"

"Stupid?? I'm not stupid! who's stupid? an Uchiha is never stupid!"

"Try the door next time you dum dum."

"Ne dobe, is that a kunai in or pants or are you just happy to see me??"

"Let's add you and me, subtract your clothes, divide your legs and multiply..how's that for math huh Mr. Top-rookie-of-the-year?!"

"That was good, but you still made a mistake dobe..we can't multiply bakka"

"AACK!! you're a girl!!"

"AACK! you're a Hyuuga!!!"

my pet!

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