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[story] Xilenxio
sanzo > innocence
by confissao angel_zeruel

This is a random thing trei/confissao did while i was at her house...enjoy...^^

The cerulean sky is dusted with feathery white clouds as the summer breeze brushes among the elite students of Kitamura Koukou as they chatted amongst themselves, entering the school for the start of a new semester. Looking at her feet as she walks towards her building, she recalls a certain trip to the hospital and the events that lead her there.


"Ne, Kureru-cha~an~ Jeff onii-chama's asking if you would want to go to ST.RING.S's concert?"

Writing with much fervor, the young Water Claimer was focused on finishing a report on her 3rd mission alone which went pretty well. She wanted to write it down so that she wouldn't forget, as had Collin suggested. She heard what Meredith was saying but her mind was completely focused on her paperwork. Meredith's brows furrow as she repeated, "Nee, Ku-re-ru-chaaaaaaaaan??"

"Gah not now Meredith! let me finish this first, you know how your brother is when he doesn't recieve reports like this from me and you know how I tend to forget things so I need to finish this first before i......"

Claire's face suddenly became blank. Soon she was sweating heavily. Then she turned into her chibi-mode and started running around the room screaming,


"Ee?! Doushitano Kureru-chan??!" Meredith asked.

Her twin, who was obviously ticked off at something, stood up. "Oi! They'll leave without us!" Addressing it to Claire. Looking at Meredith, she adds pleadingly, "Damn it, can't you go too nee-chan?"

Meredith, who was still worrying over Claire, took time to look at her twin and shake her head. "Gomen, Jedd says I can't. Onii-san says it's for your training."

"Tss." Morrigan bangs her clenched fist on the wall. A pile of papers on Claire's desk tossed upwards and fell in a messy pile.

Claire stopped running around and saw her paperwork on the floor all messed up. Tears started pouring out of her eyes like a river as she kept on saying,

"That's it i'm done for. I could never do things right!"

Claire slumps on the floor and continued crying....bawling like a kid.

Meredith rushes to her side after trying to fix the papers. "Mou, nee-chan!! Look what you did!!"

"Hn. I'm going."


The door slides shut.

After crying probably a gallon of tears, claire stopped and started to fix herself. Still sniffling every now and then and tears still coming out of her eyes, she picked up her papers and placed it back on her desk. Before turning around to face Meredith she wiped her tears away.

"Ne Meredith-chan, you should go follow your sister. She is your sister after all. I'll be fine.....I hope." her last words trailing.

"I can't, Jedd onii-san gave strict orders not to be with her for this mission, and besides.." She paused and looked at the papers. "She was being too mean even if this was all for her sake. Dakara Kureru-chan don't worry, okay?" She smiles. "Oh, but I was prodding at you awhile ago too, so sorry for that." She looks down.

Claire smiled her usual smile, the one that makes her look like she's not in trouble or something and said,

"It's okay. I was just in a hurry to write things down before i foget every detail but I guess it was inevitable. My memory is like that of a goldfish, worse even." She turned to the papers and smiled, "There's no use finishing this now." she paused and sighed a heavy sighed, "So what about that ST.RING.S's concert you were saying?"

Meredith stared at her for a whole second. "I.. thought you liked that group.."

"Uh hai. So we're going, right?"

Meredith's smile was a bit sad. "They left already, Kureru-chan. G-Gomen!" She tried to look happy, so as to convince her that it wasn't so bad. "You can go next time, right? I guess you really were focused on your paper. You forgot that you volunteered to be in the mission. Well, I guess Jeff wouldn't get mad 'cause you really weren't in the roster."

Claire just smiled back at her to not worry the younger girl anymore.

"I guess so. Thanks anyway Meredith."

Claire approached the sofa and just sat there quietly.

Meredith looked even more worried. She decided to keep quiet and sat in her own seat.

After a few hours, Meredith was busy typing in reports of all the Vessels, even Claire's. She decided that she help out in writing her report. Compiling all the other's report in one file, she saves it and shuts down her laptop. The moment she puts down the monitor part of it, the phone rang. She quickly rose to get it. Staring blankly ahead, the headset felt to the floor.


Cries of anguish fill the meeting room as the others arrived. Unknown to most of them, Meredith has been harboring a liking towards a certain Sound Claimer, and that person is now in a coma because of an unexpected encounter after the concert. Everyone was dumbfounded and the a thick fog of uncertainty hovered above them. One man lost, and they had no leads as to who their opponents were. A strong, imposing fact was clear though, that this group is stronger than they are.

Looking at the seemingly lifeless body of Inoue Hideki, their comrade, Claire was at a loss for words.


"Claire-san, daijoubu desu ka?"

Claire turned and brought out her usual smile and replied with a soft 'Hai.'

Collin, too, smiled. "I was worried that you'd get lost again. So, shall we enter our classes as Sophomores? I was too happy to see that we're in the same class!" Pondering, he stopped walking for a moment. "Which reminds me, the fan club of Mizuhara-san, well not all but most of them are in our class too. Isn't that.. lovely."

Claire who as staring at the path she was walking on lifted her head and without even thinking said softly,

"Oh really? That's nice. It's great we're all classmates."

Collin almost fell flat on the first landing of the stairs when he heard that. "Anou, Claire-san, we're talking about the deadly Mizuharagumi. The ones that tackled you to the ground last year when you were about to give Mizuhara his dropped towel?!"

Claire being still so out of it simply replied,

"Hai. They're nice people."

Collin's face felt the coldness of the marble tiles. Looking up, he eyed Claire. /Is she still affected by Inoue-san's condition?/

{ "It wasn't anyone's fault. Stop blaming yourselves."

Meredith stuttered, "If we all went there, then this might not have happened!"

Jedd replied, "They are way out of our league. Even with our combined summons, we wouldn't beat them." He regarded everyone in the room. "It is a tragedy that this happened but Inoue wouldn't want us to stall just because he's out. Now, listen. For his sake, we need to get stronger. This isn't the last we'll see of this group of renegades and I can assume that their plan is to wipe us out."

Meredith continued to cry in her seat.}

Claire stopped walking after stepping on Collin.

"nyaa~ gomene Collin-kun."

As if nothing happened, Collin brushes off his seifuku and says, "It's nothing." Silently, he walks up another flight of stairs before proceeding to the classroom. Not a word was spoken.

Claire went straight to her usual place, last row by the window. She sat down and stared outside the window

'i wonder why i even joined them, i couldn't do anything right anyway and now i can't even use my powers to help Inoue-kun when in fact i could. bleh. i'm so stupid.'

/You're not stupid. You're getting on my nerves human. Why are you looking down at yourself?/ Claire's contract beast suddenly spoke. Taking form beside her, he stretches and purrs and curls up in a corner. /You humans are peculiar. You care for each other. Care wouldn't fill up your belly, it even helps in emptying it! Gah, I can't understand you./

Claire huffed and said out loud,

"Shut up and sleep Dorimo."

The students inside the classroom stopped talking and looked at Claire. Collin merely sighed in his seat. The focus of attention shifted towards an acting chairman of the class as he says, "Attention. Bow, Greet."


Around 30 years of age, the homeroom teacher placed his notebook on the desk and gestured for them to sit down. "D~oomo. Ore wa.." He writes his name on the board. "..Takanagi Shoutaro. Yoroshiku!" The girls of the class giggled and the boys just chuckled. Collin shifted in his seat as he reached for his phone. He was about to open it when a piece of chalk hit him square on the forehead.


"Hmnn.. Mak-suru-weru Koh.. ah what the hell. No cellphones during class."

Collin, looking pissed, took his bag and strode out of the classroom. Dorimo watched him walk away. /Nee, I'm hungry. Sleep for awhile, why don't you?/

'are you kidding me? sleep it off.'

Claire stood up and took her bag with her, before opening the door she turnd to their sensei and said,

"You're mean. I don't like you. I don't like you throwing chalks. I'm telling daddy."

With that she stuck out her tongue and left the room.

She looked around in search of Collin.

'I wonder where he ran off to? nee dorimo can't you sense him or his beast or whatever?'


/You can really be a pain in the ass huh, Dorimo?/ Collin's beast walked towards the pair. /He didn't want me to go with him. The call he received seem to be important. He even told me to back off. Is he having his period or something?/

Dorimo burst out in peals of laughter. /YOU! AHAHAHAHA! YOU MADE MY DAY MAN!!/

/I'm not male, Dorimo--/

/I know, I know. Shut up, I'm not yet finished./ He continued to laugh while the other huffed in anger. /Nee, Owner-san! Gimme food then we'll search for little mister menstruating adolescent Gene Bender!!/

'seriously when you two start to fight you give me headaches why don't you two get together and marry each other or something. as for you food for you just yet. wait until i get home. normal people don't simply sleep anywhere...sheez..if you won't help i'll go find him myself.'

Claire stormed off stomping her way through the school's hall.

"Oi, kawaii-hime."

Mizuhara Toki. He was smiling his brilliant smile (as always). "Why are you so mad?"

In small puffs of smoke, small versions of the two beasts she left behind appeared a little over her shoulder. /Oi, oi! That was rude! Oh, man. I'll find him.. Oho, what do we have here.../

/He is nothing compared to Collin-san's beauty!/

/Really, Kana, you should learn more about differentiating male from female. And by the way, males don't have periods. Duh./

Claire, not noticing Toki awhile ago, stopped dead on her tracks and yelled,


Toki just blinked and stepped backwards. "Okay.."

Hearing Toki's voice from behind her turned around in shock,

"Ehh~ long have you been there?"

"Anou.." Toki was wondering what was happening. "Not that long ago. Etou, Claire-chan, daijoubu ka?"

/Now she's mad at us! You're her beast! Why are you like that!?!/

/Nya nya nya blah blah blah/


Claire cringed and stopped herself from screaming again. She calmed herself down and ignored the two bickring girlies...err..beast.

"Hai daijoubu desu. Anou saa Toki-sempai, I'm sorry i screamed like probably thought i was talking to you...I was...err...uhh...arguing with myself...ahehe."

claire replied as she scratched her head.

"oh, that's nice. Are you auditioning for the debate team? We're open and we need new members." Toki smiled.

Claire sweatdropped and simply replied,

"Not's more of a personal thing...uhh..yeah...and besides i'm not good with public speaking....i'm afraid of that, remember?"

"Hee~ Sou." Toki tilted his head to the side. "Well, if there's anything, come to me. I'll be in the soccer field or the debate club room in the Suzumura building, 3rd floor. Are you sure you're okay?"

/No, she isn't. She needs to sleep! PUT HER TO SLEEP I'm HUNGRY DAMN IT!/


Claire smiled and flailed her hands around like an idiot trying to make the two boneheads disappear while saying,

"Hai hai I'm okay....really."

Toki watched her thinking, "Freestyle.. swimming? Damn that Kaji.."

"Okay then." His eyes were still following Claire's movements as he continued. "Although Kitamura is for the elite, I doubt they clean the swimming pools daily. Anyway, it's your choice." A tinge of bitterness in his voice. "I'll be going then." In a mumble he adds, "Soccer is fun! Debating is fun! Why do people get interested in SWIMMING?!! The water's full of wee-wee and stuff.. kusou.."

/G-Gomen Kuukuu-chan! We didn't mean to bother you!/

/Kuukuu!?! WHAT THE BLOODY HELL!??!/

/I-It's because I can't pronounce her name right and Owner-san gets mad at me when I--/

"When you what, Kana!?"

SILENCE. A hot summer breeze passes by. "Takeuchi-san, a new mission. The opponents we faced last time.." He trails off a bit before regaining his composure and continues. "An abnormal Reaper readings has been sighted in Korakuen. It seems their attracting a huge amount of Reapers towards that place."

Claire stopped flailing around and grabbed Kana. She approached Collin and shoved the beast into his hand angrily as she said,

"Never and I mean never leave her again.. EVER....understood?"

Collin just stared. "The others will be here in a minute. Thanks and sorry for bothering you. Kana!" Kana hovers over Collin and transforms into her full sized form. "Ikuzo." Collin leaped of the nearest flight of stairs and was out of sight. Dorimo merely scratched his ears.

/Ne~ KUUKUU-CHAN~~ Will we just stand here in the hallway and wait for trees to grow from the marble floor? Oh wow, that seems AMAZING./

Claire tilted her head to her side and mumbled,

"....did he just say swimming? did he just thought i was joining the swimming team.....and did he just insinuate that water's disgusting? i resent that!"

Claire turned around and ran to the other direction.

/uh claire...hello...collin went that way not this and your poor sense of direction/

Claire ignored Dorimo but made a mental note to get him back for that. She ran towards her sempai's classroom and slid open the doors.


Even the sensei at that period stopped talking about the velocity of a falling object A towards point B. The whole class' eyes were on Claire. The sensei looked like she'll cry any second now.

Claire looked at the teacher and bowed in apology as she said,

"Gomene sensei Toki-sempai available?"

Whistles and teases filled the room. One even shouted, "Apparently he isn't! But for you, he will be!" Followed by laughter. Toki, without emotion, stood up and went out of the classroom. He waited for Claire at the corridor.

"Anou sa Toki-sempai...what did they mean back there?" Claire asked innocently.

Toki smiled, thinking. "What are you referring to?"

/This is a waste of time.. The others are out there, battling Reapers and here you are.. TALKING TO MR. I HAVE ISSUES WITH THE SWIMMING CLUB./

Claire grabbed Dorimo covering his mouth completely and hiding him behind her back as she smiled sweetly,

"The one they said...that...uhh..that apparently you're not but for me you will be...."

"Oh! Whenever someone comes to my class and calls for me, they always say that. It's getting old. Anyway, what brings you here?"


Claire played with her uniform's hem as she said,

"Correct me if i'm wrong but i believe i heard you awhile ago saying something about swimming and the water being dirty or's just that..."

Realizing that she is in fact talking to Mizuhara Toki made her blush as she continued..."..i wish you wouldn't think of it that way. Water's should i say this...uhmm..friendly? no that's not right uhh...."

Claire lookd down on her black doll shoes while thinking of the right words to say.

/DAMN RIGHT WATER IS FRIENDLY!! Waitasec.. what happened to you!!?! And what's with looking at a pair of shoes--/

An aura (seemingly coming from his owner) thwaped him unto the wall. Dizzy, he fell to the floor. Toki looked around, the soccer captain clearly heard that small hitting sound. "Did you hear that..??"

Claire lifted her head and said,

"hear what?"

/Kuukuu you're mean. Itaii....!/

"Ah, nothing." Changing the subject, he puts his hands in his pockets. "I.. was being weird. Forget about it. Oho.." He looked at her. "Were you mad at me for regarding water as dirty?" He places a hand on her shoulder. /DAMN IT OWNER!! STOP YOUR HEART WILLYA!?! IT SOUNDS LIKE A BAND OF DRUMS OR SOMETHING HERE!!/ "Sorry about that, ohime-sama." He smiles to conclude his statement.

Claire blushed a deeper shade of red and replied,

"It's's just that..w.ater is special to me. It hurts me to hear people say bad things about it. Tell me Toki-sempai, why do you seem to hate it that much?"

Like a little kid claire looked straight into Toki's eyes wanting nothing else but truth.

"No, I don't hate water. In fact, I like it. It's just that.." He pauses and covers his face with one hand and chuckles. "This is silly." He looks at Claire and steps in a bit closer to her. "This'll be a little secret between, us, ne ohime-sama?" He closes his eyes and focuses on a strand of hair on her shoulder, his faces mere inches from the sophomore. "The swimming team's captain is my cousin and well.. He does everything he can to persuade people to join his almighty swimming club. He even told them that soccer sucks! I wouldn't allow that! Soccer is fun!!" He picks up the strand of hair from her shoulder and holds it before his eyes. "Speaking of water, I don't know.. call me weird but it seems to be attracted to you." For a moment, as light hit the strand of hair, the illusion of water ripples can be seen on it. "I even thought I saw you one time using it to guard a kid at a nearby park.."

"OII!! TAKEUCHI!!!!" Morrigan ran towards her. The guards were after her.

Claire smiled sweetly and innocently at Morrigan,


Inner claire: Morrigan.....of all the inert gas i hate you! i'm having a moment here you hag.

Toki backs away a few steps and Morrigan stops before the Water claimer. Dorimo laughs in the background. "Emergency! Collin's down! The Reapers are countless!! WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE!?!?!?! And who...!!" She stops talking and looks at Toki.


"Hello, Morrigan-san.."

"Ehh~ you two know each other?"

"NO!! I mean.. AH! Just go downstairs already!! The limo is outside, it'll take you to Korakuen! I need to run away again as these stupid guards keep on chasing after me! Now go!!" Passing by Toki, she seemed to mumble something which made the other blush. The soccer player just stood still.

Claire being her panicky self again ran around in circles in her chibi-mode.

Toki, snapping out of his train of thought looked at Claire and his blush intensified. "I-I'll go back now. J-Ja ne."

/Oi! Loverboy's leaving! Collin's dying! OH WHAT SHOULD WE DO!! Oh I know! Check if the swimming pool is indeed full of urine!!!!!/

Claire stopped on her tracks and looked back at Toki,

"Anou sa Toki-sempai arigatou. I understand now. Sorry i have to go so quickly but i have to attend to something." Claire started to run down the hall but before she run down the curb she turns back and in haste shouted "Take Care Toki-kun!" before finally disappearing.

/Ooh~ Smooth operator!! Niice./


After the day's events, Collin just suffered a mild concussion. Nothing serious. Morrigan was spreading something about a certain Mizuhara Toki and his accidental first kiss and a lot of stuff to the other Vessels which made them laugh too. It was a nice break for CAT in general.

/Oi, Owner-sama.. Do you even have any idea why Loverboy retreated to his comfy classroom??/ Dorimo snorted.

Claire who was sitting beside Collin's bed replied with an innocent 'no'

The beast laughed. /Lemme show you../ Taking out a small tv, he replays the events.. IN SLOW MOTION and SEVERAL TIMES.

{As Morrigan shouted Claire's name, Claire quickly turns around to look at the Fire Bender. The close proximity of Toki's face to the sophomore caused a brief brush of the lips but Claire was completely oblivious to it.}

And as the narration ended, Dorimo rolled on a non-existing floor in laughter, hovering just in front of his owner's face.

Claire blushed furiously as she finally realizes why. She touches her lips gently and blushes even more.

'stop it already dorimo i get the picture and stop laughing!'

/Your heartbeat was annoying, it almost made me deaf! This is just a payback. Anyway.. eh?/

As the others began leaving, Morrigan escorted them to the exit leaving Claire behind. The Gene Bender was already awake which was why Dorimo stopped talking. He had a look of annoyance.

Claire saw Collin and got on her knees. She bowed and with her lips almost touching the floor, her tears forming around her eyes, she apologized.

Collin swiftly crawls out of bed, goes to Claire and holds her by the shoulder. He forced her to look at him. "I told you that if there's something troubling you, I'm always here to listen. I tried to cheer you up but you closed out on me. I know you are worried over Inoue but I'm here!! I'll listen damn it!! And that Mizuhara! Fussing over a simple brushing of lips!? That isn't a kiss!!"

Without a thought he presses his lips on the dumbfounded Water Claimer, even her beast shut up and was shocked.

"THAT is a kiss."

Nothing but the buzz of the aircon was heard.




PREVIEW: A new member appears!! It is the start of a new chapter for our Vessels! What will happen?? And what will Claire do to this sudden confession of love?! And why is Collin avoiding her? Next time: Metallic Rage! Otanoshimi YEAH!!


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