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[fan-fic] Fanmail...or so it seems
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Fanmail...or so it seems

Fandom: Tenimyu
Author: angel_zeruel
Genre: romance
Pairing: AibaKonii
Disclaimer: none of the tenimyu boys are matter how much i wish they were..they aren’t...TT^TT
Author’s Note: I’m sorry if some of the boys are OOC...I don’t know how they really are that much that’s why I’ve never written a tenimyu fic before...but...but...bleh...Konii is always pushed aside...poor little i decided to write one now...ShiroAi fans..please don’t kill mehh..I am one of you but Konii is just too cute and irresistible as’t hate me...*runs away*

A shadowy figure walked into the dressing room, peeking from side to side to see if anybody is inside. He rushed to a specific corner, slid a note under the owner’s make-up box and immediately ran away out of the dressing room.

The next day,

“Ne Konii, what’s this?” Adachi asked, picking up a small note from under Konii’s make-up box.

Konii turned around, saw the note in Adachi’s hand and replied,

“I don’t know...”

Adachi opened it and read out loud,

“To Kawaii Konii,

You are so great! I am a big fan of yours and I do hope that you continue to do your best in every performance. I shall see to it that I support you in all your endeavors.”

Konii’s eyes grew big in shock and asked Adachi who’s it from,

“It wasn’t signed.” was Adachi’s reply.

Kouji, who heard everything commented,

“Ooh...looks like Konii has a fangirl in his midst. Probably a stalker.”

“You’re too evil Kujirai! How could you say that it’s a stalker?” Adachi exclaimed.

“Look, nobody has access to our dressing rooms but us. No one has the key but us actors, not even the crew!” Kujirai replied.

“You’re thinking too much Kujirai, somebody might have lost their key and some one found it and gave access to the fangirl.” Araki suddenly piped in.

“Okay let’s see.” Kujirai stood on his chair and called all the Seigaku boys and Hyoutei boys and even the St. Rudolph boys and said,

“Everybody please take out your keys to the dressing room so we’ll know that no one has lost it.”

Everybody took out their copy of the key and Araki and Adachi checked it. Everybody had theirs and no one lost it.

“What’s you’re problem Kujirai? Why did you suddenly ask for our key?” Kenken asked after everything was done.

“Konii got a fanmail and it was tucked under his make-up box.” Adachi replied.

“Aaa you’re thinking somebody got in here without permission? Takuya asked.

“Yep.” Kujirai replied as he nodded furiously.

“Look guys it’s probably nothing. She could have just asked somebody to put it in here. Just drop the issue okay? She’s not hurting anybody anyway.” Konii said.

Aiba suddenly stepped in and asked,

“How did you know it’s from a girl Konii-kun?”

“Maa..Aibacchi..look at the handwriting it’s too girly to be written by a man.” Konii replied as he showed Aibacchi the note.

The other Seigaku actor read the note and raised an eyebrow,

“Too girly huh?” Aiba asked.


Aiba just smiled as he gave back the note to Konii. Then he quietly returned to his corner to continue attacking his hair with his comb and hair iron. Everybody returned to what they were doing before Kujirai interrupted them with his loud voice.

The next day, another note was found posted on Konii’s mirror, this time it said,

“Kawaii Konii,

I am hurt. My handwriting is not girly. However, I will still support you even if you think I am a girl. Goodluck on your next performance my kawaii Konii.

Your fanboy”

Everybody was shocked, how did Konii’s fangirl..well now they know it’s a fanboy...knew about what Konii said yesterday? They were the only ones in the dressing room! They frantically looked at every nook and cranny of the dressing room to see if there were any hidden spy cams, but found none.

“Whoa...Konii..this is stalker material” Shirota commented while passing the second note to Zukki.

“Yep...definitely a stalker Konii.” Zukki added while reading the piece of pink paper, nodding in approval.

“He’s probably gay. I mean, he obviously likes you, he writes like a girl and he uses pink paper for crying out loud!” Kaji exclaimed while trying to grab the note from Zukki to get another look at it.

“Give me that!” Konii exclaimed as he snatched the piece of paper from Kaji. He turned and walked towards the trashcan and tore the note into pieces, finally dumping it in the can.

“There, now can we please get back to our practice? We’re losing precious practice time because of this fanboy.” Konii dismissed as he walked towards the dance studio.

The next day, the boys found yet another note, this time tucked under Konii’s hair blower, and it read,

“Kawaii Konii,

Why did you tear out my note? It hurt me so much Konii. It already hurts me that you no longer talk to me and now you rip my precious note into pieces. I am so hurt.

I am someone who does not have the courage to tell you how much I love you. I write notes to you because I want you to know how much I care...but instead of keeping it and appreciating it you tear it apart...I am deeply hurt of your actions...but I still love you, because I really really do.

Your fanboy.”

“I swear to god Konii, this ‘fanboy’ of yours is getting really really scary.” Araki commented after reading the note.

Konii on the other hand eyed the words “It already hurts me that you no longer talk to me...” before Zukki stubbornly snatched the paper from his hands. Shirota walked to Zukki’s side and read it with him.

“I swear. He is one creepy dude.” Kujirai said.

“Told you he was gay.” Kaji said matter-of-factly.

“I don’t care, he’s creepy.” Adachi replied with a shudder

“Hey, you guys should be careful of what you’re saying. You never know, he might be hurting right now because of the things you’re saying.” Kazuki Kato suddenly said from behind the huddled boys.

Zukki, Adachi, Araki, Kujirai, Shirota, Kaji and Konii turned to their backs and saw Kazuki standing there with his arms folded across his chest. Beside him were Aiba, Yanagi and Ruito, staring at them with a raised eyebrow, like they’re a bunch of idiots.

“How would you know Kazuki?” Kujirai asked with a raised eyebrow.

Kazuki sighed and replied,

“Think about it. He could get in and out of the dressing room, slipping notes in Konii’s things. Seriously? Are you guys that slow?”

“Kazuki, don’t be too mean. Don’t be like them.” Yanagi warned as he walked over to his own corner, completely ignoring everyone. Then Yanagi glared at Shirota and added, in english mind you, “And you...I expected maturity out of you.”

Shirota froze over. Ruito laughed and said,

“Yanagi-kun I didn’t understand what you just said but judging by the sound of your voice and Shirota-san’s reaction, you’re being mean.”

Yanagi huffed as he turned his face back to the mirror, rested his chin on his right hand and closed his eyes pretending to sleep.

Ruito sighed and looked at the other boys.

“What Kazuki is trying to say, what we, Yanagi-kun, Kazuki-kun, Aiba-kun and I, actually believe, is that the ‘creepy gay dude’ you’re refering to might be one of us, one of the actors, and hearing you say those words hurts him. So, be careful, ne?” Ruito said before running to the other side of the room to jump on Saitou’s back.

Aiba looked at the boys, shrugged indifferently and said in a bored way,

“Kazuki’s right when Kazuki’s right.”

Everybody dismissed the topic for that day in fear of getting hurt by Kazuki, Aiba or Yanagi

Days have passed and Konii no longer received small little notes from his ‘fanboy’. However, after the Imperial Match performance....

“Hey you guys wait up!” Adachi called out as he jiggled the doorknob, making sure it was locked before running off into the night.

In the darkness, the same shadowy figure that left the note the first time slid a key into the keyhole and opened the dressing room’s door. He tip-toed across the room, making sure not to hit anything to avoid making noise when suddenly the lights flicked open.

“I knew it was you all along....”

The now exposed figure turned around to see Konii leaning on the wall with his arms folded across his chest. Konii opened his eyes and looked directly at the boy and continued,

“....Aiba Hiroki.”

“Ko-Konii-san...a..anou saa...”

“Konii-san? I think I liked Kawaii Konii better than just plain ‘Konii-san’.”

Aiba lowered his head as he tried to keep his note away from view but was too late when Konii said,

“What’s that...another note for me?”

“ really...”

Konii approached Aiba and snatched the note from him swiftly. Reading out,

“Kawaii Konii,

Your performance was awesome tonight. I hope you keep it up.

Your fanboy.”

Konii raised an eyebrow and asked,

“What no I love you’s?”

Aiba blushed at Konii’s remark and kept his head low. Konii cupped Aiba’s chin with his right hand and slowly raised the other boy’s face to make their eyes meet. Aiba tried to look away but Konii’s strength hindered him from doing so.

“I knew it was you all along. Did you really think I didn’t know how your handwriting looks like? Seriously Aiba. Aiba, almost everything about you is too girly. You write like a girl, you fix your face like a girl, you fix your hair like a even eat like a girl.” Konii sighs and continues, “I’m sorry if I have been avoiding you...I was afraid you won’t return my love since Shirota has been hanging around you lately and then there’s Takuya and even Kazuki. You’re too beautiful and everybody just want to have a piece of you.”

Aiba, tears slowly filling his eyes making his view all blurry replied,

“Kazuki is Takuya’s boyfriend and they’ve been helping me get the courage to tell you everything. Shirota, Shirota’s been asking me to help him with Yanagi-san.”

Konii smiled and replied,

“I know that now. I’m sorry I tore your second note...I did it just to spite you see how you’d that time I already had an idea on who sent the notes...the last one gave you away...”


“I love you Aiba.”

Konii slowly brought Aiba’s face closer to him and soon their lips met in a passionate, loving kiss. Aiba’s tears finally found their way out but they were no longer tears of sadness, but of happiness.



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