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[short story] Konoha no Monogatari (Volume 1)
fai+mokona > happiness
Konoha no Monogatari (Volume 1)
by angel_zeruel

A collection of stories related to the lives of Matsumoto Aiba, Asuki Kohakumiko, Homura Shizu, Kyr and Kyra.

Disclaimer: These are made to present the characters in story mode, to serve as character reference for their attitudes and actions. They don’t have any connection to the real story line of the RPG created by trei-chun. The only characters I own are the characters aforementioned, trei-chun owns any other characters.

A/n: holy crap I got to finish one volume!! *parties* okay enough...>__> Konoha no Monogatari will contain five stories per volume and there are 5 volumes...i have finished a couple of stories in the other volumes...less than 20 short stories to go..woot~! *dance* ahihihi...XD anyway...for the profiles of characters go to angelsofzeruel, a community I created for my original characters...^^ so far, only Konoha no Monogatari character profiles are there so it’s easy to browse...I’ll be tagging each character by which story/fanfic they come from so it’ll be easier for everybody...:3 enjoy..o(^ω^)o

Monogatari 1: Bento

Kyra was walking to the academy carrying a black obento filled with her brother’s lunch. She was with Aiba and was happily chatting with him as they walked side by side.

“So, what did you cook for Kyr-san today?” Aiba asked.

Kyra tapped the bento box and replied with a smile,

“Sushi, his favorite!”

“Oh? Man, I’d like to have some of those.” Aiba replied as he rubbed his stomach.

“I thought you would, so I made a few more and left it at the apartment, you could eat those when we get back.”

“Woohoo!” Aiba exclaimed.

After a few minutes, a certain loud mouth named Yuujiro suddenly jumped infront of them and waved a couple of freshly picked flowers infront of Kyra.

“These are for you Kyra-chan!” Yuujiro beamed.

Aiba's eyes grew as big as saucers as the mindless blabbermouth shoved the flowers to Kyra.

Kyra dropped the obento as she covered her nose and mouth. She then started a coughing fit and fell on her knees.

Yuujiro knelt infront of her worriedly. Aiba pushed him aside, took the flowers from Kyra and threw it on Yuujiro’s face.

Yuujiro gagged and spitted the pollens that he was able to eat due to Aiba’s actions and exclaimed,

“What’d you do that for?!””

“You imbecile! Kyra is allergic to pollens! You could kill her with those!” Aiba shouted back.

Yuujiro’s jaw dropped as he shifted to panic mode the moment he realized the effect his flowers had to his beloved. He crawled beside Kyra and asked,

“What can I do to help Aiba-san?”

Aiba looked around and pointed a bucket near the ramen shop. He then directed Yuujiro to get water. Yuujiro quickly did as he was told and was back with a bucket full of water in a snap.

Aiba held Kyra in a sitting position and said,

“Throw the water at us.”


“We need to get the pollens off of her clothes, now do it Kamakari!” Aiba ordered.

Yuujiro hesitantly threw water on to the girl who was already slightly turning blue due to lack of air, getting Aiba wet in the process. He then runs off to wash himself with water as well. Kyra’s coughing fit subsided but now her breath became quicker and shallower.

Aiba laid her down and passed his hands over Kyra’s head and chest, eliminating the allergens that were able to go in her system. He then grabbed a pill from one of his pockets and gave it to Kyra to swallow, which she did.

After a few minutes Kyra’s normal color came back and she weakly opened her eyes, looked at the two boys and smiled at them both. She then signaled Yuujiro to come closer, which the other boy did so quickly. Kyra then lifted her hand and smacked him right at the nape.

“Ow. Ow. Ow.” Yuujiro said repeatedly as he rubbed the back of his head.

Kyra took a deep breath and said with a weak smile,

“That’s what you get for calling me ‘Kyra-chan’. Get your honorific straight.”

The two boys laughed as they were sure that Kyra was indeed okay. They both helped her on her feet and carried her back to the apartment leaving the black obento behind.

A block away from the apartment Kyra stopped walking and said,

“I feel like I’m forgetting something.”

“Now that you mentioned it, I also feel the same. I just can’t remember what.” Aiba replied.

“Bah. Whatever it is it’s probably not important because the two of you forgot what is it.” Yuujiro commented.

“Hey, for once you’re probably right Kamakari-san.” Kyra replied with a giggle as they continued walking again.

Meanwhile, at the academy, Kyr sat on his desk looking out the window. Suddenly, a loud crackling, gurgling, grumbling sound was heard. All his co-teachers looked at him and started to laugh. Kyr kept his indifferent face and continued looking out the window, thinking of his black obento filled with food.

Monogatari 2: Evolution

Aiba at 5 yrs. old

A young boy knocks cautiously at a huge wooden door, hoping to find his pre-school playmate when it opens. When it finally does, an older boy about nine years of age who is already as tall as a 13 year old, stares down at him. The boy looks up as he shakes in fear, much like a full-grown adult looking up in fear at a giant. No words were exchanged between the two boys as the older one continued to shoot daggers at the younger one.

Soon a little girl with bluish, purplish hair tied in pigtails came out of the kitchen and ran to the door. She smiled sweetly at the quivering boy that made the boy calmer and unafraid.

The girl tugged at the older boy’s shirt and said,

“Oniiii-chan, dit it my fwend, Matumoto Aiba.”

Aiba smiled widely and said,

“Matsumoto Aiba sir!”

Kyr looked down at him indifferently for a few more seconds and turned to leave the front door open and finally flopping down on the sofa. Kyr continued to stare at the boy and watched his every move as he and his sister played infront of him.

Aiba at 8 yrs. old

Aiba knocks on the door and as usual Kyr answers it.

Kyr, being 12 is now scarier than before. He looks down at the young boy and produced a snarl-grunt-hmph-approving-acknowledging kind of sound and Aiba does the same. Kyr smirked and let him in. Aiba went straight to Kyra who was sitting on the couch as Kyr went to the kitchen peeking once in a while.

“Hi Aiba. Where’s niichan?”

“In the kitchen.”

“Ooh~ looks like he’s starting to like you.”

“Nah. He still doesn’t talk to me.”

Aiba at 12yrs. old



They both stared eye to eye at one another nonchalantly.

“Oniichan?” Kyra called out as she stepped out of the kitchen.

Kyr turned to his sister and said,

“Aiba’s here.”

Then he retreats to his room and kept the door shut.

Aiba at 14yrs. old


“Yes Kyr-san?”

“Kyra’s in the academy with you.”

“Yes she is.”

“Watch after her.”

With that, Kyr left the apartment and left his sister with Aiba.

A constant monotone voice calling his name snapped him out of his reverie,


“Huh? Ah...oh..gomenasai Kyr-san.” Aiba replied.

“Where was your head?” Kyr asked.

“Oh just, you know floating around.”

“Keep it grounded. You’re the only person I trust Kyra with so you must always keep your guard up.”

“Yes. Yes. I understand. Again, I’m sorry.”

“Keep an eye on those two boys. Understood?”


Kyr tapped Aiba’s shoulder encouragingly and left. Aiba watched the figure of the man he feared when he was still young fade in the evening mist.

Monogatari 3: Changes

The serene silence of the night was shattered by sudden loud thumping noises. A shadowy figure quickly ran from one end of the apartment to the other. Another shadowy figure ran after it as yet another one stood infront of it. The renegade was finally caught with one swift move.

“Kyra, kill him while I am holding him down. Quickly before he does something to get away.”


“What are you waiting for? Orders are orders, do it now!”

Kyra stood quietly in the dark as her brother grinded his teeth in anger.

“I didn’t raise you to be merciful. I raised you to follow orders and finish it by any means. Now Kyra, kill him!”

“He’s just doing whatever he needs to do to survive brother!” Kyra argued.

“I don’t give a shit. I want what we came here for done immediately and I mean now.”

“I know you don’t give a damn brother, you never did. All my life you taught me to do whatever is needed to complete any mission. You told me to be merciless, you wanted me to be a killing machine like you. We’re ninjas oniichan, not assassins.”



“Those are Kotani’s words in your mouth Kyra! She and her idealistic self, I knew I shouldn’t have let you join her team. She changed you; She and her annoying nephew plus that ignorant medic nin.”

“Kotani-sensei merely showed me the other side of the coin brother. And if there’s one thing I learned while being with Kamakari-san and Hotaruya-san is that change is inevitable. It is the only constant thing in this world brother, and you know what I think? You need to change more.”

“I don’t need too Kyra! I am best at what I do and I don’t need to change. And what do you mean ‘more’? I haven’t changed one bit and I’m glad that way; now will you please kill him now!”

“Oh really? You used to hate Aiba but now you’re being goody-goody with him.”

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Remember that Kyra.”

“I don’t think so brother, you’ve changed and you know it.”

Kyr remained silent and then he smirked in the dark as he lets go of his captive. The fugitive ran to Kyra and then a couple of ‘thuds’ were suddenly heard.

Suddenly the lights were flipped open and a bloody scene was revealed. A huge bloody dead rat was pinned on the wooden floor with a kunai, and Kyra was kneeling beside it frantically stabbing the already dead rat with a bloody kunai. She stopped when she realized that the lights were opened. She looked at her brother who was smiling sinisterly.

Kyr then raised an eyebrow and said,

“You were saying?”

Monogatari 4: Summer

The summer heat is at its peak at 37o C outside. A petite brown haired girl wearing a white sleeveless top and khaki shorts walked the streets of Konoha with her red parasol under the scorching heat of the summer sun. She was on her way to the river where she and her teammates are going to have a picnic. She carried a basket containing four bento boxes, one for each of them. Not that she really needed to prepare four boxes but she figured, with how those two eat and how their sensei gulp down food without chewing, they’d run out of food in less than five minutes. When she got there, no one was there yet, so she took it upon herself to set up everything. Suddenly, a gentle ‘poof’ was heard.

“Hey there Koko-chan!” An older woman about 21 years old, wearing a red spaghetti strap blouse and white pants said with a smile.

The brown haired girl smacked her on the head for calling her ‘Koko-chan’,

“Why you little –“

“Ah, Ah, Ah Shizu-baba, you started it.”

“But you didn’t have to smack me on the head you crazy little kid!” Shizu exclaimed as she nursed her injured head.

“You didn’t have to call me ‘Koko’ either obachan!”

“I can call you whatever I like Koko! I can call you Kumiko, Kohaku, or your whole name which is Kohakumiko but those are ordinary names, Koko’s a cuter nickname for you!” Shizu replied angrily yet sweetly towards the end.

“KOKO IS NOT A CUTER NICKNAME!!!” Kohakumiko exclaimed at the top of her lungs.

“Well affixing ‘obachan’ or ‘baba’ after my name isn’t cute either!” Shizu exclaimed back

Both girls stared angrily at each other as electricity and thunder clashed at the background.

Suddenly the older woman lowered her head and sat on the ground weakly.

“What’s this? You’re already giving up??” Kohakumiko replied in a puzzled tone.

Shizu never lifted her head as she grumbled incoherent words.

Kohakumiko lightly kicked her teacher to see if she’s still alive or something. Shizu fell on her side, which made her red haired student alarmed. She has never seen her teacher like this before. She hurried to her side and asked,

“Shizu-sempai, d-daijoubu?”

Kohakumiko rolled her over on her back and saw how pale her teacher was. She panicked as she checked her teacher’s pulse, she heaved a sigh of relief when she felt that she was still alive. She wondered what’s possibly wrong with her teacher. Fortunately her two teammates finally arrived,

“Ne, Kohaku-chan what’s wrong with Shizu-sempai?” A young boy with jet-black hair asked as he hovered over their unconscious sensei.

“I don’t know, I was arguing with her just a couple of minutes ago and then she sat down and passed out.” Kohakumiko replied quite worriedly.

The boy examined their teacher for a few minutes. Then he headed over to their other teammate, a blonde, green-eyed boy who was standing there all along and whispered something to him. Soon both boys were busy setting up the barbecue grill. Kohakumiko was shocked and so she exclaimed,

“What is wrong with you two! This is not the time to barbecue anything.”

The blonde boy glanced at Kohakumiko, smiled gently and replied,

“Trust us Kohakumiko-douno, this is the perfect time to barbecue.”

Soon they were ready. After firing up the coal and letting it die down, they started grilling fish and meat. Soon the forest was filled with the sweet and spicy smell of barbecue.

Kohakumiko marched towards her teammates with that dangerous glitter in her eyes. She was going to kill them for being so insensitive, they should’ve carried their teacher to the hospital minutes ago.

As she left her post beside Shizu, the latter’s nose suddenly twitched at the aroma of the grilling meat and fish. She immediately stood up and rushed to the picnic mat with the spoon and fork ready to attack any plate that will be served infront of her. Kohakumiko was surprised and the two boys just smirked as they prepared the food.

Veins were popping out of Kohakumiko’s forehead as she realized what was happening. She clenched her fist and exclaimed,


Ignoring the loud kunoichi, Shizu salivated as the boy with jet-black hair placed down the plate full of barbecued food.

“Yeah, that was drained the energy...” Shizu paused as she gulped down a bite of the grilled salmon and continued, “...out of me and I came here with an empty stomach...why’d you think I passed out?”

That did it, Kohakumiko attacked her eating sensei with punches and kicks but Shizu evaded them and blocked them with just one hand tiring the young kunoichi. After five minutes of pseudo fighting, Kohakumiko stopped, huffing and puffing. Shizu looked at her and asked,

“Are you done? Why don’t you eat now Koko-chan these two boys make the best barbecue.”

Kohakumiko lowered her head, not showing her eyes as she said,

“I was worried....I thought you were...” Kohaku sniffed while talking which caught the jounin’s attention.

Shizu’s face softened, reached out to her student and said,

“I’m sorry I scared the hell out of you Kohakumiko...really I am. I’ll try not to do that anymore but I can’t promise anything because I’m just like that, I just pass out everytime I’m really hungry. Something’s wrong with my system and my body can’t tell when I’m already hungry so I eat at a specific time. Remember the watch I wear eveyday and how its alarm goes off and I suddenly disappear? The alarm goes of on my specific times of eating, but sometimes I forget to wear that watch, like today, you how I am.”

Kohakumiko lifted her head, her eyes full of tears as she replied,

“You’re wonky.”

Shizu smiled and said,

“Yeah...I know I am. Thank you for caring Koko-chan.”

“I know you’d do the same for us obachan.”

“Yeah...I guess I will.”

She wiped the tears out of her student’s face as she added,

“Well..let’s all eat!”

“You mean you’re not full yet?” her blonde student asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Don’t tell me your body doesn’t know when you’re already full as well?” The other boy asked.

Shizu laughed out loud as she replied,

“That’s too much! Of course my body can tell when I’m already all stuffed up, but right now I’m still not, so...ITEDAKIMASU!”

Kohakumiko then brought out the four obentos she brought and surprised her teammates with how well she can cook.

After lunch, everybody took a dip in the river and had so much fun. Kohakumiko and Shizu argued several times that day but that’s just how those two are.

Monogatari 5: Pocky

A familiar kunoichi with bluish, purplish hair leaped from one tree branch to another while skillfully avoiding another shinobi’s attacks. She switches to offense when she finally saw a chance and is now charging the other with combinations of punches and kicks. Suddenly, the boy grabbed a kunai from his pouch and started stabbing her with it. She backs away as she starts to defend herself. With a few hand seals, she had him flying and making him fall to the ground. She hops down to finish the job when she suddenly heard the leaves rustle. She looks up and slowly a smirk crept on her face. Suddenly, the brown haired boy threw a kunai at her direction, almost hitting her head. A few strands of hair fell as a superficial wound slowly appeared on her right cheek, blood slowly oozing out of it. The boy’s eyes grew big in shock as he scurried to her side, screaming,

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHCK! I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I’m so sorry Kyra-chan! I thought you’ll avoid it!”

Kyra grabbed her pole and whacked him on the head.

“Oww! What was that for?!”

“One, training was not yet over Yuujiro, but now it is and you just lost....again. Two, get your honorific right.” Kyra replied as she placed back her pole on her back.

Yuujiro rubbed his head and said,


Their sensei and Hotaruya arrived and so their training continued. At around 4pm, they finally stopped and went on their separate ways, apparently, they all had other errands to run that afternoon.

Halfway out of the forest Kyra stopped walking and said,

“Come out already Kohakumiko-chan.”

The leaves above the tree Kyra was under rustled and soon a girl with red hair landed infront of her with a stick of pocky dangling out of her mouth. Kyra sighed and asked,

“What do you want this time?”

Kohakumiko took the pocky stick out of her mouth and used it to point at Kyra saying,

“You hurt my Yuujiro!”

Kyra rolled her eyes and replied,

“It was training, I’m sure you and your teammates do the same thing. Besides, that loudmouth should’ve seen it coming, calling me ‘chan’ and all.”

“Hey! Quit calling my Yuujiro-koi ‘loudmouth’. He’s not a loudmouth.”

“Oh yeah I forgot, you’re noisier than he is, so calling him a ‘loudmouth’ would make you a walking mega-phone.” Kyra replied as she crossed her arms infront of her.

“That does it, get ready for a good beating little missy.” Kohakumiko said as she cracked her knuckles.

Kyra merely smirked as she tucked her left hand behind her back. After moving into a fighting stance, she lifted her right hand and motioned Kohakumiko to come and attack. The other kunouchi placed back the stick of pocky into her mouth and then started her attack. With one hand tucked behind her, Kyra defended herself from the other girl’s kicks and punches. Suddenly, Kyra sensed something unusual beyond the bushes surrounding them and decided to act on it. She grabbed Kohakumiko’s left hand and twisted it around her back making the other nin drop the pocky from her mouth. Kohakumiko’s back, now facing her opponent’s face she struggled to break free of the other’s tight grip. Kyra placed her head on Kohakumiko’s shoulder and whispered,

“Five men behind the bush, when I let you go we attack them together.”

“What makes you – arrgh!” Kyra twisted her hand further to shut her up and continued.

“Sense your surroundings damn it. If you don’t trust me, then I can easily leave you here to die. Remember, it will be five against one if that happens.”

Kohakumiko did what she was told, scan the area and sense every element in her surroundings. Defeated, Kohakumiko nodded and agreed to Kyra’s attack plan.

“Ready, one, two, three!” Kyra freed Kohakumiko’s hand and launched their attack.

Kohakumiko tackled two boys on the ground and pinning them there with her kunais. They cried out in agony as blood gushed out of their palms and their foot. She looked at Kyra who was battling the remaining three men.

Kyra was able to toss one away with her pole and is now dealing with the other two. The man thrown away by Kyra regained consciousness and started performing hand seals. Kohakumiko quickly acted and performed a few hand seals her self, luckily, the man was taking too long with his own series of hand seals. Finishing with the last hand seal, Kohakumiko turned to the direction of the man and,

“Katon Gukakyuu no Jutsu!”

After that, the man could no longer move without feeling excruciating pain. Kyra on the other hand had already beaten the hell out of the remaining two men and was sitting quietly on top of their heaped bodies, watching Kohakumiko’s every move.

“Done?” Kyra asked right after Kohakumiko performed her jutsu.

Kohakumiko looked at her and placed a hand on her hip as she replied,

“Yeah, what’s it to you?”

“Just asking.” Kyra replied with as smile. “Now, where were we?” Kyra continued as she stood up.

“I was about to kick your ass.”

“Really now? As I remember it, I was able to catch you with just one hand.”

Kohakumiko huffed in defeat. Kyra laughed and said,

“Come on, I owe you a pocky.”

Kohakumiko raised an eyebrow questioningly. Kyra pointed her thumb behind her where Kohakumiko’s pocky is, on the ground. The blue eyed red head smirked as she replied,

“Damn hell you do.”


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