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Written for the “drabble month” challenge fot the whole of October...everyday we were to submit/post one drabble..starting last Ocober 1..however, I’ve been really busy at school so I didn’t have the chance to write any..second batch yo! ^^

Choices (drabble #6)

Two men stood before her. One wishes to protect her and the other wishes to kill her. She stares in horror as she listens to them,

"Get out of my way Alon"


"Then I'd have to kill you my old friend."

"Then do your best."

With one swift move Alon killed the man. The temple priestess is alive and safe for another day.

"Alon...that man...he was..."

Alon was silent for a moment as he remembered his childhood. He turns to her and says coldly,

"Let's go."

Then he helped the temple priestess up the horse. Sometimes the choices you make in life is harder when fate forces you to decide between your friends and your duty, in this case, Alon chose his duty. He looked one last time at the lifeless body on the ground as he whispered to himself,

'Sleep well old friend'

And with that he finally walks away, guiding the horse and making sure that the girl was okay.

Misfit (drabble #7)

A pretty little girl stood at the edge of a cliff. Spreading her wings she jumped off but for some odd reason they suddenly broke off. And the little girl fell down. Down. Down.

Soap bubbles. Little transparent delicate soap bubbles caught the little pretty girl. She's now as big as a thumb but her beauty is still incomparable. Sitting on a bubble she traveled the horizon until the bubble suddenly popped into oblivion. Again, the little girl fell down. Down. Down.

She woke up in a white room, but when she looked up she realized she was in a big teacup. Soon the cup was filled with tea. Bitter brown tea that almost drowned the pretty little girl. The tea overflowed and down the drain she goes. Down. Down. Down...

"Dawn! You're daydreaming again, go to the board and answer the equation." An old woman screamed at the top of her lungs as she fixed the corner of her pointed eyeglass.

Poor misfit skinny little Dawn with her square framed eyeglasses approached the board. She quickly answered the equation so she could go back to her own dimension.

Easy Come, Easy Go (drabble #8)

I never did like the smell of blood, but every night I have no choice. It's so funny how many adjectives ordinary people attach to people like me. Whatever.

"Miyo, let's go."

Fauna, my "senior officer". Who would think that mercenaries are this organized? Haha. And get this, she's younger by two years, I'm 18 and "ordinary" mercenaries need at least five years experience before getting promoted, you do the math. They're getting younger and younger by the minute. Why not? Just look at the city and you'll understand why. I'm just a late bloomer, that's all. Haha.

Ugh...finally, we're at our destination. Well, I better get this over with.

"Miyo, what are you doing no, don't do that. Nooooo!"


Miyo dragged the lifeless body of Fauna and threw it off the edge of the cliff, and then she lights up a stick of cigarette, a habit of hers after every kill.

Sorry Fauna...easy come, easy go. My services have always been for the highest bidder.

Tick, Tock, the Clock is on the Run (drabble #9)


Small beads of sweat slowly trickle down her forehead as she carefully checks the intricate wiring of a ticking bomb, obviously made by someone experienced, such detail, such complexity.


One mistake and people will die.


She remembers her basic bomb de-activation training. You don't become a member of the S.W.A.T. without going through and passing that training.


She licks her lips as she snips the red wire...


...and the timer stops.


She smiles proudly at her accomplishment as she slowly turns around to give the thumbs up to her teammates.


Then it explodes.

Let's Try a Happy-ending This Time (drabble #10)

Let's try to read a love story. A love story that ends happily. Not a fairytale but reality, that ends in a very happy way.

Her name was Yasmien and his name was Dominic. They met each other at the company's annual picnic. She was smart and funny, while he was caring and witty. A whirlwind romance is what most people would call it, but one thing's for sure, their love was genuine and true.

On their wedding day Dominic was late. The time passed by and he still didn't appear. Then Yasmien received a call and finally learned the truth.

While on his way to the church for their wedding, dear Dominic's car crossed the railway. His engine failed and his seatbelt won't budge, and so dear Dominic was stuck in his car. He called the police but they were too late, dear Dominic's car has already been hit by the train.

Okay so I was wrong, it's not a happy-ending after all. Well, from the start you should've known, after all, you're reading something that Riwa composed.

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