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Written for the “drabble month” challenge fot the whole of October...everyday we were to submit/post one drabble..starting last Ocober 1..however, I’ve been really busy at school so I didn’t have the chance to write that I do have time I’ve written a couple of drabbles for today and the next four days

Payback (drabble #1)

“Are you sure you got it right?”


“Then there’s nothing else we need to talk about. See you in thirty minutes.”

I watched as he walked out the door. I lit up a cigarette as I made my way to my window. I looked outside and watched him get in his black Mercedes and drive off in to the night. He came here to check if I got the plan right. Damn bastard, of course I got the plan right...I was the one who originally made it. He stole it, so now I’ll be getting something in return. I flicked my cigarette as a loud explosion was heard just about a mile away from my apartment. What a pity, I've always loved that car.

When Little Devils Get Bored (drabble #2)

In the middle of a cemetery a little girl stood infront of her family’s grave. Her mother died giving birth to her eight years ago, her siblings and now her father, they all died protecting her. All the people around her died so she can live, her parents, her family’s bodyguards, her so-called friends and her siblings. She never understood why they risked their lives for her. Because of that people called her a lot of things, a freak, a menace, and a jinx. She continues to live because everybody died.

Then the rain started to fall as she placed her hands inside her coat’s pocket. She smiled, a very sinister sarcastic smile and said,

“You suckers.”

Lucky (drabble #3)

A couple of robbers stole something and they were stupid enough to lose it when the cops came after them. This 35 year-old man happens to be walking by when he picked a brown sack from the pavement. He didn’t know where it came from but he was glad as hell to have it. Today was their wedding anniversary and he knew he’d better come home with a present or else. With his flat broke status he was walking around the city in hopes of finding something. He opened the bag and there it was. The little tiny specks were shiny, they were sparkling like the stars, all of them. A diamond necklace like that made by Tiffany’s would cost a fortune but this guy got it for free. Talk about lucky.

Broken Wing (drabble #4)

Anya has always been afraid of heights. Their family could never take vacations out of the country because she was afraid to fly on a plane. When they do go to vacation they drive across the states, even if it takes them forever. So what made this little girl overcome her fear? No one knows, even Anya herself can’t remember the day she got over her phobia. All she knows is that she loves the feeling she gets every time she flies.

Now she’s standing at a platform 20 feet off the ground without any net to catch her if ever anything wrong happens. She stares at her partner who is standing at an opposite platform 10 feet away from her. The music starts and the lights open up. From afar she could see her partner nodding at her, giving her the signal. She grabbed the trapeze and after a few minutes she flew across their so-called stage. She flips and turns, getting the attention and amazement of the crowd. She reaches out as her partner prepares to grab her hand but they both miscalculated. Their hands slip and she falls. Maybe she shouldn’t have gotten over her fear after all. If she didn’t, she might still be alive.

Happiness (drabble #5)

“Gosh, you look so beautiful Samantha!”

“Thank you Patricia.”

“I wish I was also getting married today.”

“That’d be cool, we’ll have a double wedding!”


“Don’t worry Patricia, he’ll come back.”

“Oh I don’t know Samantha. I’m already getting worried. I told him not to sign-up for that 'Volunteer soldiers for Vietnam' thingy of the government but he wouldn’t listen. He said he was going to do it for the country, and for me.”

“Stop Patricia. The war is over and Billy is a strong man. He’ll come back alive.”

“I do hope so Samantha. I really do hope so.”

A few minutes later Samantha finally walked the aisle with Patricia as her matron of honor. At the altar there stood Samuel, the groom, and right beside him was his best man, Billy. Tears fell from Patricia’s eyes as she held back the urge to tackle the man she had longed for. The war was over and so were her worried full nights.

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more to come guys! XD


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